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Cutting-edge features to guide you through the Amazon jungle

Powerful, time winning recommendations and growth analytics to analyze, optimize, monitor and scale your Amazon business.
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Review Page & Negative
Review Alarm

Arthy provides in-depth insights into your product reviews, including deleted and edited ones. Easily filterable and with one-click translation function. Let Arthy proactively alert you if you receive a negative review and react promptly to increase your customer satisfaction

Delivery Planning

Arthy predicts out of stock periods based on sales history and assists you in creating delivery schedules and labels on time

Automatic Review Requests

With Arthy's automated review requests, you can significantly increase the number of reviews you receive without risk and without spending time
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Get Arthy as your employee that works nonstop for you.
Managing and scaling Amazon operations has never been easier.

Client Success Service

Arthy is backed by our Client Success Service, which is always available for your personal feedback, pains or challenges

Extensive Network

Arthy provides you with exclusive pricing and offers from an extensive network, e.g. for logistics or quality tests

Constant Growth

Experience and shape Arthy's development with your feedback. She expands her skills and features based on the needs of her customers

Advanced Algorithm

Arthy's algorithm runs non-stop 24/7 so she can share new insights with you instantly

Learn from Arthy

Learn from Arthy where you can save time and money, she will explain what needs to be done to put recommendations into practice

Stay the decision maker

You can decide if Arthy's recommendation should be executed now, later or never. View and edit recommendation at any time


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