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We free you from the Amazon Traps

Analyze, optimize, monitor and scale your Amazon Seller activities.
Arthy works nonstop on your brand, creating visible profitability.

Our Mission

Great businesses create jobs, improve lives and try to move the world forwards.

But millions of Amazon Sellers struggle every day to keep their operations in motion because accessing the knowledge, having the time or budget is harder than it should be.

We’re changing that -
by creating innovations for your growth.

Our Vision

Imagine being able to manage your entire business from a single, integrated platform.
No more switching between tool interfaces and multiple software logins.

Arthy will be the first digital operator that makes it possible to take over all steps, from analysis, optimization, monitoring and scaling, for you - on a single, integrated platform.

Arthy will complete your team as an ecommerce expert in your company to make your life easier.

Our Story

In early 2022, 25 creative data scientists, developers, and entrepreneurs from the ecommerce space sat down to discuss solutions for Amazon Sellers' biggest challenges.

They quickly came to the conclusion that there are 3 main problems: money, know-how, and time.

That was when Arthy was born and since then our expert team hasn't stopped trying to figure out how to solve these challenges and problems in a very straightforward and simple way for as many sellers as possible.

Latest News

Brazilian flair in Arthy's Team
Olá, I'm Saulo, a native of Brazil, from Natal - also known for the best and most beautiful beaches in the world. I came to Germany because of love and stayed because of the same love. Now I live in Hamburg and have a sweet 2 year old daughter.

I started programming in QBasic when I was 14, back then on Windows 95. I still remember exactly how my enthusiasm for IT was sparked: It all started with the 1983 film "WarGames". Later I studied computer science and then turned my passion into my profession. I am fascinated by the possibilities of automation that are made possible by programming. The more complicated and demanding the requirement, the more ambition I develop to solve it. I love that feeling when it "clicks" and suddenly the solution to a complicated problem occurs to me - sometimes even completely unexpectedly, in the shower or while going for a walk.

I like playing guitar, mostly Brazilian pop songs, which are fantastic to sing and dance to. In Brazil I played in a pagoda (a kind of samba) group, now I play for family, friends and colleagues.

I feel very comfortable in Germany, there is nothing nicer than being with my family. My colleagues treat me more as a friend than a colleague - without brandishing too much. However, the love for Brazil will always remain deep in my heart. As much as I appreciate Germany - the 2014 World Cup match between Germany and Brazil hurt a lot, especially since I was there in person at the stadium!
Arthy is agile
Our magical 3 weeks, that's how long each sprint lasts. Then we review, we take a breather for a day - and then we plunge into the next iteration with joint sprint planning.

SCRUM is our agile development method, which we have been working with since the beginning of the year. We define our goals that we want to achieve by the end of the sprint. These can be new functions, optimizations or new designs - depending on which requirements are currently in the focus to develop Arthy's skills. We discuss these goals in sprint planning so that everyone can give their input. Then we assess the development effort of each of these goals and decide which one goes into the following sprint. Then the development sprint starts.

At the end of each sprint we evaluate together: What did we set out to do, what did we actually achieve. We conclude for example if we have correctly estimated the development effort or if the goals were described precisely enough.

This agile development method requires a lot of communication among each other, which is really fun when there is a harmonious team. Due to the short iterations of 3 weeks, we can react quickly to change requests. The work results are immediately visible and the successes can be measured.
"It's incredibly motivating when you can already reap the sweet fruits of your work after just 3 weeks."
Onboarding with Arthy
Starting a new job is always quite of an adventure. Not only for the new colleague, but also for us. That's why we've prepared well. You will receive all the information you need to set up your tools and accounts in advance. Your first step on the first day: Introduce yourself in a one-minute short video so that everyone can get to know you. After that your onboarding will start.

Your onboarding buddy will show you where you can find all the necessary information in our internal wiki and will give you time to orientate yourself. In our 15-minute dailies, we exchange ideas as a team every day about what went well the day before, where there were problems and what we are planning to do today.

Your buddy accompanies you for the first 6 months so that you can settle in well and get off to a good start professionally. He*she will also conduct the onboarding feedback sessions with you. Feedback sessions take place after 2, 12 and 24 weeks and serve to align the joint work. This is where our mutual expectations take center stage and we agree on the details for a successful cooperation. We end our onboarding phase after 6 months. That's how you start with us!
Arthy is welcoming career changer
Hi, I'm Tim. I used to run an offset printing shop, but I gave it up and completed my full-stack developer training after. I joined Arthy as a junior front-end developer. Although I'm a career changer, the team has taken good care of me and all colleagues support me and give me the time to solve problems that I can continuously develop myself.

If you have any questions or problems, we will solve them as a unit. I started with smaller tasks and then gradually took on more and more complex tasks. This year I developed my first major module, the “Recommendation Checker”. Tis module analyzes the Recommendation a product got on Amazon and gives tips on what needs to be changed in order to generate better sales figures.

For me, the individual combination of home office and office represents the optimal working environment and I am looking forward to mastering many challenges with Arthy and the team behind.
Info's for the Selling Partner Community
Just in time for the 42nd version (v0.7.9) of our NPM module for the Amazon SellingPartner API, here are a few numbers, data and facts about our open source contribution to the community.
Our package may not be the answer to everything (keyword 42!), but when working with the Amazon SellingPartner API it is quite a lot.

- Current version: 0.7.9
- Weekly downloads: ~ 5,000
- Github Stars: 151
- Contributors: 23
- Closed issues: 84

Interested? Then check out the github page: https://github.com/amz-tools/amazon-sp-api