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Amazon Bundling Opportunity Finder

Create bundles of different products of your catalogue or quantity bundles of the same product. Profit from FBA cost savings, packaging and transport and increase your sales volume.
Quantity Bundles
Quality Bundles
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Sell more, save more

Achieve cost-efficiency through bundling

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Increase profit

Arthy checks how often each product was purchased together with other products in the past months, and recommends the best combinations that will help you save  costs and increase profits.

Improve your SEO ranking

Bundles allow you to boost your organic visibility thanks to improved and more specific keywords.

Save money on packaging and delivery

Bundles allow you to save money on packaging and delivery by combining multiple orders in one.

What Amazon sellers say

"I'm amazed by how much I've been able to boost my profits! Arthy uncovered four bundle opportunities I wasn't aware of, resulting in €17,000 in annual savings."

Elizabeth Anderson
Amazon Seller
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