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Be part of the team and work with us to grow Arthy into the world's largest ecommerce digital operator - used by thousands of retailers, service providers and investors. Whether you’re in Frontend, Backend or Designer roles, our people bring relentless passion, fast learning and a culture of innovation to every dimension of their work.
The team

Sounds like you?

Curious. Growth-mindset. Analytical. Data-obsessed.

Arthy is backed by an expert team of over 25 data scientists, developers and entrepreneurs from the ecommerce space. Internationally represented, we enjoy the advantages of a flexible working environment in the digital world.

You will work with us on a variety of tasks such as the development of microservices, the implementation of React components or database modeling on the basis of a diversified tech stack with React, Node.js, MongoDB and Next.js.

Jens Lübberstedt

It's fun for me to get creative with innovative but future-proof technologies and to see how the best and most performant platform for e-commerce retailers worldwide is coming up with Arthy.

Friederike Best
Director Client Communications and Success Management

Our clients first policy strives us to reach the best possible results. For me, the personal exchange with our clients, combined with an ambitious team, makes working with Arthy so unique.

Christian Pietsch
Senior Backend Developer

I'm working on our servers every day and, in addition to developing and monitoring our Node.js processes, I also take care of the administration of the mongo database.

Saulo Falcão
Senior Full-Stack Developer

As someone who has always been fascinated by the automation of processes, I really enjoy helping the team design best practices in coding and software architecture to provide robust solutions for our client’s needs.

Sebastian Ahrens
Head of Product Management

It is an amazing opportunity to be part of a team that is dedicated to transforming a vision into a customer-driven product. Our team consists of highly skilled individuals, each with their own unique perspective on life and how to approach obstacles. Together, we aim high to challenge ourselves every day, deliver exceptional products, and become the best versions of ourselves.

Sarah Götze
Product Owner

In my role as a product owner, I combine different specialist areas and experiences in order to permanently improve Arthys skills. I like the alternation between technical and creative topics and the combination of different expertise and insights.

Fabian Gruber
Frontend Developer

As a career changer who successfully transitioned through retraining into a Junior Web Developer, I bring fresh perspectives to the digital realm. My passion lies in crafting and enhancing both new and existing features, with a dedicated focus on implementing automation processes. While predominantly in the frontend domain, I also engage in backend tasks, showcasing my versatile skill set.

Laura Schopshoff
Sales Marketing Managerin

My position allows me to combine my passion for data with strategic planning, while actively contributing to driving the company’s growth and success. What I particularly enjoy is the collaborative work with various interfaces such as design, product, development, CSM, partners, and more, as it provides insights into diverse business domains.


Perks and benefits

We offer a smooth onboarding, start together and a quick and uncomplicated integration into the team. With young leaders and those young at heart, we speak your language, understand your concerns and promote your personality. Many of us share a common sense of humor

Flexible working hours

Take a break when you need it and work while productivity is high, for a healthy work-life balance

Worldwide remote work

Work from the comfort of your home or other low-stress locations, like camper, mountains, sea or wherever you want. Or decide to work in one of our offices in Hamburg or Osnabrück

Shaping progress

You help determine the progress of the company and our products through your knowledge, your skills and your personal extra

Feedback culture

We support you continuously in your personal and professional development. In return, we expect you to provide constructive feedback to the managers
We’re hiring!

Open positions

We are always eager to meet dynamic talent, so check out our open positions
Software Developer Backend Node.js (m/w/d)
You are responsible for the development of innovative retail software in the Amazon e-commerce environment. You are responsible for programming performance-oriented microservices in small teamsYou build services with Node.js, using Promises instead of Callbacks and an OOP approach. You develop your own interfaces and connect external APIs...
Homeoffice / Remote
Software Developer Frontend React (m/w/d)
You are responsible for the development of innovative retail software in the Amazon e-commerce environment. You are responsible for programming modules with state-of-the-art technologies in small teams. You work with React and the related JSX, Hooks and Redux...
Homeoffice / Remote
UX/UI Designer (m/w/d)
You have experience in the use of prototyping software (e.g. Figma, Sketch, Framer, etc.). You have very good knowledge of HTML and CSS. You ideally have a solid understanding of React and the use of Storybook...
Homeoffice / Remote

One team one dream

What is still missing to fulfill the dream?

YOU in our Team! When we succeed collectively, we all succeed individually. Everyone has a voice and we listen to each other's opinions. The only constant is change - we embrace it and learn and we always find solutions and get it done