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Automatic Amazon FBA Inbound Reminder

Get notified about stock shortage estimates in advance, distribute your cost of goods by batch and plan your purchase orders accordingly.
Monitor stock levels
Analyze sales volumes
Automatic inbound reminder
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Stock management

Restock before you run out

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Monitor and analyze inventory levels

Arthy analyzes your inventory levels in the Amazon warehouse as well as your sales volumes and calculate the ideal time for you to send new goods to the Amazon warehouse.

Manage inventory economically

You will receive a recommendation on the quantity of products you should send in order to optimize your inventory management economically.

Send goods to Amazon

Announce shipment and print labels. Attach the shipping labels to the boxes and ship your goods to the Amazon warehouse in time.

What Amazon sellers say

"With Arthy's inbound reminders, there is no longer
a risk of running out of stock even during peak order periods or holidays."

Hassan Yilmaz
Amazon Seller

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