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Upcoming features and innovation

New features and innovations designed for you

Arthy Smartphone App

Empowering your business, anywhere, anytime. With the Arthy Smartphone App, you’ll have your business at your fingertips. Arthy is always by your side, ready to take the reins and provide you with a sense of security in managing your business.

Push Notification Feature

Stay informed and act swiftly. Arthy’s push notifications ensure you’re continuously updated on your business’s real-time performance, allowing you to react promptly to any necessary actions. Whether it’s new orders, sales reports, or crucial KPIs, you’ll always have a quick overview of essential data.

Quick Overview of Key KPIs

Arthy offers a quick and easy-to-read overview of your most important KPIs. Stay updated at anytime and everywhere, make informed decisions, and effectively steer your business towards success.

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